Friday, 18 October 2013

Honest Truth...

This blog is a diary of my journey, and I'm going to be honest about it.

Nobody goes into a Midwifery degree expecting it to be butterflies and flowers. You go into a Midwifery degree prepared for hard work, shifts, and studying. You go into a Midwifery degree because you are passionate about the outcome.

The past 4 weeks have been INTENSE. The workload is huge. Teething problems with a brand new course structure and University technological changes add unwarranted stress to an already stressful course.

It is challenging trying to fit 5 days worth of new content into your head every week and make it stay there.

It is challenging trying to write an academic essay for the first time in your life.

It is challenging getting into the habit of not making a statement unless you can show that someone else proved it to be so.

It is challenging trying to find a work-life balance; I saw my boyfriend more when we lived 80 miles apart than I do now he is 1 mile down the road, and God love him for putting up with it. It's an adventure.

It's challenging to cope with feeling so overwhelmed, so incapable, questioning if you're doing the right course, if you'll make a good midwife.

It is amazing to have so many new, wonderful, supportive friends.

It is interesting living in a new city, with new people, and new places to see.

It's a privilege to join with everyone in saying the University's affirmation for Nurses and Midwives.

It's exciting to find out your placement trust, and placement areas. To anticipate the day you finally get to be "with women".

It's a proud moment, trying on your uniform and getting it ready for your first shift.

It's a crazy, twisty rollercoaster of a ride...

...and it's only just beginning.


  1. Hi Alex, wishing you all the best with your course! Sarah Harcombe. X x

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